Best Bing Rank Tracking Tools

4 Best Bing Rank Tracking Tools in 2024

Looking for the best Bing Rank Tracking tools? Ah, who tracks Bing rankings these days? This is one of the many impressions Bing gets. Many SEOs forget that the Bing search engine is the second most used search engine holding an 8.85% market share of the global search engine market share.

So, you are losing ready opportunities if you leave Bing behind. So, the truth is Bing’s ranking is worth tracking. So how can you start observing Bing’s keyword rankings?

There are various Rank Trackers available for Google, but are there any for Bing? Yes, there are. Today, we will discuss some popular and efficient Bing position trackers for monitoring keyword positions and your overall keyword performance.

What are the Best Bing SERP Tracking Tools?

In today’s market, no tools are just focused on solving one solution for SEOs. So most of the SEO tools are filled with other essential SEO features. Our top list for the best Bing rank trackers has the common highlights as they are good at Bing position tracking and have plenty of other SEO improvement tools.

Let’s deep dive into the Bing SERP tool world:

1. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is at the top of our list for the Bing keyword position tracker. Accuranker has a ton of SEO features that are truly awesome. Acuranker is claimed to be the most accurate rank tracker available on the market. It supports both Google and Bing SERPs. Interestingly, it can also track rankings for Baidu, Yandex, and even YouTube.

It is one of the best premium Bing SERP tracking tools for SEO enthusiasts. It possesses strong capabilities to monitor the websites of your rivals. It’s best for advanced users who want real-time data with intuitive formatting and data integration features.

AccuRanker is best for its GEO-targeting features which is a game changer for local SEOs. You can track Bing keywords with specific countries, states, cities, and postcodes. This feature will give you an amazing view of Bing ranking checking on a global scale.

AccuRanker’s powerful interface and features can help you understand the overall SEO perspective of your project. They currently have over 24 billion keyword research databases, which aids in their comprehension of the SEO movement and provides its users with a 360-degree perspective.

Its features can also be beneficial for making smart and data-driven decisions for SEO activities. Due to the advantages of their API and database, they have a polished Bing rank tracker. 

Who Should Choose AccuRanker?

  • Newbies who want to test this tool with a 14-day free trial.
  • SEOs who want to track keywords for both Google and Bing accurately.
  • Local SEOs who want to have the same keyword, ranking data filtering by country, specific address, state, city, and postal code.
  • SEOs & Agencies with budgets for accurate Bing ranking with unlimited features.
  • Agencies that like to correlate Bing keyword rankings to traffic and conversion.


AccuRanker’s pricing is high, but the functionalities are worth the price. AccuRanker is a treasure for intelligent SEOs and Agencies. Why? All their features are available in lower tiers as well. 

AccuRanker’s pricing at a glance

The price point of Accuranker is high because it brings more freedom to use its features. AccuRanker offers monthly pricing plans that are both affordable and fair. All of the plans have all of their features.

AccuRanker provides flexible and transparent monthly price plans according to the word count. For instance:

  • 1000 words $129
  • 5000 words $609
  • 30,000 words $1809
  • 50,000 words $2769

You have to pay for how many keywords you want to track. You can pick their yearly plan and save 10%. You can change your plan anytime, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel without incurring any fees. 


Next on our list is Nightwatch, a great Bing keyword position tracker. It has all the basic foundational features that a Bing SERP tracker must have. It can also track keyword rankings that Bing ranks daily, and you will always get real-time data. This data is stored, and you can access them in your report section.

The customizable view of the report is one of many features of Nightwatch. You can check Bing SERPs’ position movements by filtering them with search volumes. You can also get a clear overview by filtering the report monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Nightwatch is a precise and accurate ranking data provider. If you are working on local SEO, Nightwatch has something you need. They’ve got a rank-tracking feature with specific zip codes.

Many of you might have wrong and invalid local rank tracking results, but with Nightwatch, you can track “near me” keywords from any location. This is a game-changer feature for local SEOs. You can track your target keywords by zip code from more than 100,000 particular locations.

The outstanding feature of Nightswatch is correlating your website’s traffic gain over time. You can access this feature by integrating Google Analytics and Google Search Console with Nightwatch. This way, you can connect GA/ GSC data and overlay it onto your ranking graph.

But if you want Google Analytics traffic to be segmented and show only for a specific page, you can’t. It would be best if they take their correlating traffic feature one step further. But there’s always a chance because these tools continuously improve according to their users’ opinions.

Who Should Choose Nightwatch?

  • Newbies who want to test this tool with a 14-day free trial and want an affordable solution.
  • SEOs who want to track keywords for both Google and Bing.
  • Local SEOs who want to experiment with their location-based SEO performance with zip codes.
  • SEOs who want website auditing and backlink analysis as a part of the deal.
  • Agencies that needed to generate white-label reports.


Nightwatch provides a fully-scalable price range for almost all needs. They’ve got both monthly and yearly plans, but you’ll get a huge discount if you purchase their yearly plans.

Nightwatch provides four pricing plans according to your specific requirements.

  • 250 words $34 monthly, $32 Annually
  • 1000 words $99 monthly, $82 Annually
  • 5000 words $399 monthly, $319 Annually
  • 10000 words $699 monthly, $559 Annually

3. SE Ranking

At the third position of our list, we have SE Ranking that can do keyword rank tracking for both Google and Bing. It is an all-in-one SEO tool with essential marketing tools for SEOs and marketers.

Here are the highlights of this tool:

  • On-Demand Keyword Ranking Update: We all know that these Bing rank checker tools check rankings at a certain time and store this data for you. But this is not enough for many SEOs because SEO rankings are not stable at the beginning of the search engine optimization process. So, this is when the ranking bounce happens most of the time, and you need to know what happens after an hour. This is most important for local SEO activities. To solve this, SE Ranking has an on-demand keyword ranking checking feature. With just a click of a button, SE Ranking will recheck all of your keywords for a while and get you real-time data.
  • Smart Team Management: You can use SE Ranking with your partner, client, or colleague. You just need to invite them to the specific project. It has smart controlling features that most agencies or team leaders need. For example, you can have a detailed controlling dashboard that contains what permission you are going to give. It also has a very specific moderation feature, and SE Ranking’s smart team management feature can unify team collaboration.
  • Share Specific Data With Clients or Partners: Yes, you can create a shareable link and share it with your partners and clients or managers so that they can see the real-time data and evaluate the website’s performance.
  • Customizable Report Building Tool: This is where SE Ranking’s features get interesting. Many SEOs hate to have the default generated report from these tools. SE Ranking has an amazing report-generating section where you can customize reports according to your liking. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it possible to create stunning reports for your clients. You can generate different reports every time you work on any project.

Who Should Choose SE Ranking?

  • Newbies who want to test this Bing ranking tool with a 14-day free trial.
  • SEOs who want to track keywords for both Google and Bing.
  • Local SEOs who want to have on-demand keyword ranking results in real time.
  • SEOs who want a cheap rank tracker.
  • Agencies that like to create fully customizable reports without any limitations.


SE Ranking has versatile pricing options for users depending on their needs. You can find their pricing list here, but I’m going to give you a basic sneak peek of their pricing.

SE Ranking offers three comprehensive monthly plans with a customization option. Here are the following plans with pricing:

  • Essential Plan – $31.2
  • Pro Plan – $71.2
  • Business Plan – $151.2

4. Pro Rank Tracker

Our last pick is Pro Rank Tracker which is claimed to be the most advanced SEO reporting tool. It is an excellent all-in-one SEO tool that also supports Bing ranking. Pro Rank Tracker has focused on solving for the SEO agencies who need to make a lot of reports thanks to its customizable reporting feature. 

Like SE Ranking, it has a report and data-sharing features, but better. They have a mobile app named MyRank. It’s a white-label mobile app that anyone can use to see their website ranking. It is the most fabulous feature of Pro Rank Tracker.

You can also share any report, data, or updates with a shareable link for your client, colleague, or partners. They also support sub-account creation for teams to collaborate on a project. They can also track Amazon and other search engines, and YouTube keyword ranks.

Who Should Choose Pro Rank Tracker?

  • Anyone who wants a 30-day free trial for 100 keywords and then 20 keywords per month free forever.
  • SEOs who want to track keywords for both Google and Bing.
  • Agencies or SEOs who want to charm their clients by report sharing with mobile apps.
  • SEOs who have a sufficient budget for an advanced Bing rank tracker.
  • Agencies who like to take advantage of customizable white-label reports.


Pro Rank Tracker pricing is nearly close to AccuRanker, but they have a wide range of features and a lower entry price for users.

Here’s the Pro Rank Tracker’s pricing point overview:

  • Free
  • Starter: Starts at $13.5/month to $69/month for 750 words
  • Pro: Starts at $89/month to $149/month for 2500 words
  • Agency: Starts at $180/month to custom pricing for 20,000+ words.

This tool has the best pricing list on our list. It has a very suitable FREE plan that can be very beneficial for starters. If you choose the yearly plan, you can save 20% on the price.


At the end of our discussion, I want to share my suggestions about the Bing SERP tracking tools based on your SEO level and activities.

  • If you are a beginner working on your 1st project or a client’s project, then you should go with the Pro Rank Tracker.
  • If you know what you are doing regarding your SEO strategy and want to track Bing rankings, then you should go with SE Ranking.
  • If you are a pro or expert-level SEO or an agency that needs customized reporting and on-demand rank tracking, then you should pick Nightwatch.
  • If you are an enterprise-level agency or individual with many clients, then you should go with AccuRanker.

So, what do you think about our picks? Are they useful for your SEO journey? Have you used any of the mentioned tools before? What’s your experience with them? Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comment below.

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