Best White label SEO tools

10 Best White Label SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental to any online marketing strategy.

Businesses and digital marketing agencies rely on white-label SEO tools to extend the SEO offerings they present to their clients without building the tools themselves.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead requires not only expertise but also access to the best tools that can propel your agency to new heights. Enter white label SEO tools, a game-changing solution for digital agencies seeking to elevate their local SEO efforts.

These tools come packed with a multitude of features, including custom domains, white labeling, and personalized branding options. As the demand for SEO services grows, agencies can position themselves as industry leaders by seamlessly integrating these white-label options into their arsenal.

From providing custom access to team members and offering unique features to presenting case studies and essential analytics, these tools are indispensable for marketing professionals looking to not only meet but exceed the specific needs of their clients. Join us on a journey to explore the power of white label SEO tools, unrivaled in their ability to enhance SEO campaigns, empower agencies, and drive better results in the highly competitive digital marketing arena.

If you’re an SEO agency or digital marketing agency looking for the best white label SEO tool, or if you have your domain and are looking for SEO auditing tools or local SEO reporting tools, look no further.

This article will explore the ten best whitelabel SEO tools. Using these white label SEO solutions, you can enhance your clients’ websites’ performance or improve your SEO strategies.

Why Choose White Label SEO Tools?

White label SEO tools offer a range of benefits for individuals, SEO agencies, and companies looking to improve their online presence and drive more website traffic. Here are major reasons why you should consider choosing white-label SEO tools:


White label SEO tools enable you to customize your branding and provide your clients with personalized, branded SEO reports. Using them, you can add your company logo or choose your color schemes, tailoring reports to match your requirements. This level of customization allows you to build brand recognition and create a professional image.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities 

White label SEO tools excel in providing comprehensive and visually appealing reports. They often come equipped with advanced reporting features, allowing you to present complex SEO data in an understandable and compelling manner. These tools offer a range of report customization options, ensuring that you can highlight key metrics and insights relevant to your clients. With visually engaging reports, you can effectively communicate the impact of your SEO strategies and showcase the value of your services.

Adaptability to Diverse Industries

Whether you’re working with clients in e-commerce, healthcare, finance, or any other industry, white label SEO tools offer adaptability. These platforms are designed to cater to diverse business sectors, providing industry-specific insights and analytics. The ability to tailor your SEO strategies to the unique needs of each industry segment gives you a competitive edge and positions your services as tailored solutions rather than one-size-fits-all offerings.


Developing SEO tools can be a time-consuming and costly process. White label SEO platforms save you a ton of time and resources and allow you to focus on providing high-quality SEO services for clients. The tools are built and tested already, so you can focus on delivering quality SEO services to your clients.


Investing in your proprietary SEO tools can incur significant upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. White label SEO platforms offer a cost-effective alternative, as you share the expenses of tool development and maintenance with the provider. This cost-sharing model allows you to access advanced SEO tools without the burden of hefty financial investments, making it a financially prudent choice for businesses of all sizes.


Any business knows the importance of scaling its services to meet client demands. White label SEO platforms allow you to quickly scale up your services as your business grows without additional resources or investment.

Competitive Advantage

You gain access to the latest technology and industry insights using white label SEO dashboards in these tools. It gives you an advantage over your competitors, who may not have access to the same tools and resources. It also helps you stay ahead of the curve, offer cutting-edge services, and implement SEO strategies for your clients.

Improved Efficiency

 White-label SEO tools help you to improve your efficiency and productivity by automating many of the time-consuming tasks associated with SEO. They free up your time to focus on more critical tasks, such as client management and strategy development.

What are the best White Label SEO Tools?

With a vast array of available options, it can be challenging to identify the best white-label SEO tools that meet your business requirements. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the ten best white-label SEO software that you can use to streamline your SEO processes, enhance your white label SEO reporting capabilities, and provide an exceptional experience to your clients. Whether you are a freelancer, an agency, or a business owner, these white label SEO tools offer many features and functionalities for your SEO needs.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a white label SEO platform that provides a wide range of SEO tools for businesses and digital marketing agencies. It offers keyword research, site audit, backlink monitoring and analysis, and rank tracking features. The platform also includes competitor analysis, social media management, and marketing features. SEO agencies and businesses can customize their reports with their branding using SE Ranking’s white label SEO software. You can also automate white label SEO reports while generating SEO reports for clients.

SE Ranking stands out as a cost-effective and comprehensive SEO tool, making waves for its user-friendly approach to rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword research. While it may not boast all the bells and whistles of some industry giants, SE Ranking shines with its focus on providing real value to users, especially digital marketing agencies.

For agencies looking to elevate their services without breaking the bank, SE Ranking offers an invaluable white-label solution. This means agencies can keep tabs on crucial data while presenting a polished, professional image to clients. In a field where efficiency is key, SE Ranking’s suite of tools covers everything from rank tracking and keyword research to website audits and competitor analysis.

The beauty of SE Ranking lies in its user-centric features. The precise keyword rank tracker ensures agencies can offer clients accurate insights into their website rankings. The white-label option allows for a seamless integration of branding, adding that extra touch of professionalism. The API feature streamlines project management, particularly beneficial for agencies handling multiple clients, saving both time and effort.

SE Ranking understands the pain points of digital marketing agencies. The SEO reporting feature simplifies the often cumbersome task of creating reports, offering clients a clear picture of their SEO performance. Moreover, the Lead Generator is a game-changer, empowering agencies to identify potential clients already interested in their services. It’s not just about SEO; it’s about providing agencies with tools to grow and succeed in a competitive landscape.

In a nutshell, SE Ranking offers an affordable and user-friendly SEO toolkit, with features designed to address the specific needs of digital marketing agencies. From precise analytics to streamlined project management, SE Ranking is more than just a tool; it’s a partner in navigating the intricacies of digital marketing.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable Tool
  • Budget Friendly
  • Alternative to the Ahrefs tool
  • Suitable for all businesses
  • Campaign management software
  • Data import/export
  • Performance metrics
  • Link management

Price Range & Plans

$31- $189 (depending on the requirements)

SE Ranking offers three comprehensive monthly plans with a customization option. Here are the following plans with pricing:

  • Essential Plan – $31.2
  • Pro Plan – $71.2
  • Business Plan – $151.2

2. WebCEO

WebCEO is an extensive white label SEO software and digital marketing tool suite for professional SEO teams. It provides agency-level analysis, reports, and lead generation, allowing businesses to improve their online presence and generate more leads. Its intuitive interface allows users to access information on different campaigns quickly. It makes it easy for SEO teams to get the data they are looking for quickly.

The tool also offers advanced reporting features, such as white-label reports that can be customized to match a company’s branding. These reports can provide clients with detailed insights into their website’s performance and the effectiveness of SEO efforts. In addition, WebCEO provides lead generation tools, including website audit forms, that businesses can use to capture leads directly from their website. This feature helps businesses generate more leads and grow their customer base. WebCEO also integrates with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Key Benefits

  • Manage hundreds of client sites easily
  • Set up a white-label marketing platform
  • Earn big profits by offering SEO services
  • Get notified about changes in your metrics
  • Achieve new SEO leads daily
  • Use 23 pro-level SEO software tools

Price Range & Plans


WebCEO offers three standard subscription plans, monthly and annually. However, if you purchase annual plans, the prices would become super-affordable as you will save 16% on each Plan. Here are the following:

Monthly Subscription Prices

  • Startup Plan $99
  • Agency Unlimited $99
  • Corporate Plan $299
  • Annual Subscription Prices (Save 16%)
  • Startup Plan $83
  • Agency Unlimited $83
  • Corporate Plan $251

 The Agency Unlimited Plan charges an extra $20 monthly for its white-label domain feature. They also have a free trial available.

3. AccuRanker

AccuRanker isn’t your average SEO analytics tool—it’s a real powerhouse in the game, specializing in getting your website to the top of search engine results. Built with enterprise-level companies and agencies in mind, AccuRanker is your go-to solution for top-notch SEO tracking that goes above and beyond.

At the core of AccuRanker’s strength is its dedicated Keyword Rank Tracker, famous for its speed, accuracy, and adaptability. Perfect for agencies, freelancers, and businesses alike, this tool ensures you get quick and precise insights into how your keywords are performing.

But wait, there’s more! AccuRanker throws in some extra goodies to sweeten the deal. The ‘Google Grump’ Rating gives you a sneak peek into the search engine’s mood, providing valuable context to your SEO strategy. The Live SERP Tool and SERP Analysis add extra muscle to the platform, giving you a complete toolkit to tackle the ever-changing world of search engine rankings.

And when it comes to SEO rank tracking, AccuRanker is in a league of its own. With its advanced SERP (Search Engine Results Page) tracking and analytics platform, it doesn’t just track keywords; it provides deep analytical insights, helping your business outshine the competition in search engine rankings. Real-time updates on keyword rankings and the ability to monitor competitors’ performance? AccuRanker has it covered.

Plus, its REST API ensures seamless integration with other tools and platforms, giving you the flexibility to work the way you want. With advanced filtering, custom reports, and historical data tracking, AccuRanker is the complete package for anyone serious about mastering the SEO game.

Key Benefits

  • Easy for beginners to navigate
  • Segment and filter your data to enable the ‘organized data’-view.
  • Get a visual overview of your site and subpages
  • Offers various integrations
  • Build your organic visibility
  • Create advanced filters for tagging keyword data dynamically.

Price Range & Plans

$129 -$2800 

AccuRanker provides flexible and transparent monthly price plans according to the word count. For instance:

  • 1000 words $129
  • 5000 words $609
  • 30,000 words $1809
  • 50,000 words $2769

4. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an advanced SEO and analytics tool designed to track search rankings and understand the factors that drive search engine traffic and sales. Its primary goal is to provide comprehensive data on website performance and help businesses improve their SEO efforts. One of the main features of Nightwatch is its ability to track search rankings from any location on earth.

With its local rank tracking feature, Nightwatch allows users to track critical keywords in 107,296 locations worldwide, including the search engine results page and map pack. With this feature, businesses can understand their websites’ performance and make data-driven decisions.

Another feature of Nightwatch is its advanced analytics capabilities. You can get insights into your website traffic and sources, user behavior, and conversion rates. Nightwatch also offers SEO features such as keyword research, backlink analysis, and website audit. This white label SEO tool gives businesses the data and insights they need to optimize their website for search engines and improve their SERP rankings.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor rankings daily on all major search engines
  • Build easy-to-interpret white-labeled reports
  • Boost your discoverability with the Keyword feature
  • Boost Rankings with Site Auditor
  • Super competitive pricing
  • Rich design with incredible integrations
  • Receive accurate data across multiple devices

Price Range & Plans


Nightwatch provides four pricing plans according to your specific requirements.

  • 250 words $34 monthly, $32 Annually
  • 1000 words $99 monthly, $82 Annually
  • 5000 words $399 monthly, $319 Annually
  • 10000 words $699 monthly, $559 Annually

5. Wincher

Wincher is a white label SEO platform that can track keyword positions in search engines and improve your organic traffic. The ability to monitor the performance of your keywords over time and make informed decisions is beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on organic search traffic.

With Wincher, you not only can track keyword positions and analyze your competitors, but you can also gain insights into website optimization. This tool helps you analyze your website’s technical SEO and check for factors such as page speed, mobile responsiveness, and other factors that can impact your search engine rankings.

Key Benefits

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your whole site
  • Find and focus on high-volume keywords
  • Get detailed ranking reports
  • Cut down costs through smarter marketing
  • Optimize content for Search Engines
  • Daily competitor ranking updates
  • Automated & manual reports

Price Range & Plans


Wincher has the following pricing plans based on the keyword count:

  • Starter Plan $39
  • Business Plan $74-$239
  • Enterprise Plan $289-$2050

6. DashThis

DashThis is a white label SEO tool that helps digital marketers save time and easily create professional reports. It is designed as a powerful and automated marketing reporting tool. It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive features that allow digital marketers to generate reports for multiple campaigns and channels, helping them make data-driven decisions and improve their marketing performance.

Some white label SEO features are customizable white label dashboards, reporting, and data visualization features. Moreover, DashThis integrates with over 30 digital marketing platforms, making it an all-in-one solution for businesses and agencies. This tool also offers multi-user access and real-time reporting features, which help businesses to streamline their reporting processes and collaborate more effectively across teams.

Key Benefits

  • Connects to more than 34 digital marketing platforms
  • Create and modify dashboards in bulk
  • Monitor activity for all dashboards through access logs.
  • Add as many licensees as needed
  • Personalize dashboards by selecting a custom URL
  • Easy-to-create data visualizations
  • Establish Brand Identity

Price Range & Plans


You can quickly scale your business with DashThis plans that are tailored to fit your business’ growth. Here are the following straightforward monthly pricing plans:

  • Individual Plan $39
  • Professional Plan $129
  • Business Plan $249
  • Standard Plan $399

7. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a comprehensive and user-friendly white-label SEO platform designed to meet the needs of businesses and website owners. With its powerful suite of features, Sitechecker helps businesses to optimize their website’s search engine visibility, improve their online presence, and attract more traffic. Sitechecker also offers a range of other tools, including a keyword rank tracker, a website uptime monitoring tool, and a website speed test. These tools help businesses to monitor and improve key aspects of their website’s performance. Hence, It is an essential tool for any business looking to improve its online presence and achieve its SEO goals.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Instant alerts and reports
  • Detailed how-to guides
  • All-in-one platform
  • Monitor website’s changes 24/7
  • Control all the backlinks

Price Range & Plans

$41- $249

Sitechecker provides reasonable four monthly subscriptions along with an annual option. Moreover, the annual Plan offers two-month free trial om the initial stage that becomes very budget-friendly:

  • Basic $49
  • Standard $149
  • Premium $249
  • Enterprise negotiable

You may avail more discounts on each Plan if you consider annual packages.

8. SiteAuditor

SiteAuditor is a powerful white-label SEO tool allowing businesses to generate more leads and sales without increasing website traffic. By embedding the tool on their website, businesses can quickly and easily perform comprehensive SEO audits and identify improvement areas. One of the main features of SiteAuditor is its user-friendly interface.

The tool is easy to set up and use and provides businesses with actionable insights and recommendations for improving their website’s SEO performance. In addition, it offers a range of other features, including a keyword analyzer, a competitor analysis tool, and a backlink checker. These tools help businesses identify opportunities to improve their website’s SEO performance and stay ahead of competitors.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed website analysis
  • Increased Mobile compatibility
  • Evaluate page speed
  • Offer image SEO
  • Explore the website’s XML sitemap
  • Attain SEO Report in less than 60 seconds

Price Range & Plans


 SiteAuditor is a cost-effective SEO tool that offers reasonable pricing plans.

  • Monthly $49
  • Yearly $39 (Save 20%)

9. Reportz

Reportz is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows users to integrate various data sources. You can filter and customize data and compile the relevant data in a single dashboard quickly and easily. It also has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for businesses to gain insights into their operations and make informed decisions. You can also create customized dashboards displaying the data you care most about. With a variety of visualizations and widgets to choose from, businesses can create an easily accessible, easy-to-understand overview of their data.

Key Benefits

  • Create detailed reports
  • Custom widget builder
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Predefined templates
  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Real-time updates and tracking
  • Report Automation

Price Range & Plans


Reportz has the following pricing plan that varies according to the number of dashboards:

  • 3 Dashboards $29.82
  • 20 Dashboards $192
  • 50 Dashboards $450
  • 75 Dashboards $637

10. Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that provides businesses with over 55 powerful tools and reports to help them solve their marketing challenges. It offers various features to help businesses optimize their online presence and drive more traffic and sales, from SEO and content marketing to social media and advertising.

Its robust suite of advanced features, such as its Market Explorer tool, gives users insights into their target market’s demographics, interests, and behavior. The tool also offers a site comparison feature, allowing users to compare multiple websites’ search engine rankings and traffic side-by-side. SEMrush offers a powerful API, allowing users to integrate the tool with other marketing platforms and customize their SEO workflows.

Key Benefits

  • Identify new trends within your industry niche
  • Automatically track your performance
  • Identify valuable keywords
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Manage Your Organic Rankings with keyword rank tracking
  • Develop Creative PPC Campaigns
  • Create Simplified Reports
  • Analyze & Track Social Media Effectiveness

Price Range & Plans

$119- $500

Semrush has the following three standard monthly subscription plans and also offers custom plans.

  • Pro $119.95
  • Guru $229.95
  • Business $449.95

Final Thoughts

White label SEO tools have become an essential asset for digital agencies, allowing them to enhance their local SEO campaigns with a professional touch. With features like custom domains and white labeling, agencies can seamlessly integrate these tools into their own branding, presenting a cohesive image to potential clients. The ability to provide SEO services under their brand name, complete with a personalized color scheme and white-label domain feature, makes these tools a great option for small businesses and digital agencies alike. 

The best white label SEO platforms offer a range of useful tools, including SEO audit tools, agency analytics, and various content creation features. Custom dashboards enable agencies to tailor the interface to specific needs, while white-label options ensure consistent branding across multiple sources. With a trial period available and no credit card required, white label SEO tools are an excellent choice for marketing professionals looking to expand their technical capabilities and achieve better results in their SEO reselling and campaigns. 

From keyword rankings to zip code-specific data, these tools provide a comprehensive suite for managing SEO efforts efficiently. The customer support and unique features offered by the best platforms make them a great way to attract new clients and foster long-term relationships in the competitive landscape of digital marketing. Using these tools, you can achieve a competitive advantage and establish your business as a leader. 

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