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12 Best Keyword Rank Trackers With Rank Tracking APIs

Rank Tracking APIs are heavily used in Search engine optimization (SEO), an ever-changing field. Major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and ranking factors. As a result, businesses and individuals need to stay up-to-date on SEO changes and monitor their keyword rankings.

A significant change in SEO has been the increasing emphasis on high-quality content. Major search engines have become better at identifying and ranking content that provides value to users, such as in-depth articles, videos, and infographics. As a result, businesses and individuals who want to improve their keyword rankings need to focus on creating high-quality, informative content that answers users’ questions and provides value.

In addition to these changes, major search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms and ranking factors, making it difficult for businesses and individuals to keep up. This is where rank-tracking APIs come in. By using an API to monitor their keyword rankings, businesses and individuals can stay on top of changes in the search engine landscape and adjust their SEO strategy accordingly.

Rank-tracking APIs provide users with a wealth of data on their keyword rankings, including their position in search results, the number of times they appear in search results and the amount of traffic they generate. This data can be used to identify which keywords and phrases are driving the most traffic to a website and adjust the content and SEO strategy accordingly.

One of the key benefits of using a rank-tracking API is that it provides users with regular reports on their keyword rankings, saving them time and effort. Users can set up automated reports to be delivered regularly, allowing them to stay on top of changes in their keyword rankings without manually tracking them.

Keyword rank tracking tools have solved this repetitive and time-consuming part for the SEOs. Today, we’ll talk about the best rank trackers with APIs.

What is a Rank Tracker?

A rank tracker is a tool that periodically performs a search with a provided keyword and checks the position of a keyword. These tools usually show your keyword’s position if it is in 1 to 100 positions. So, if you track your targeted SEO keywords daily, these rank tracker tools automatically perform the search for you and store the keyword’s rank.

You can check back to their report section and monitor your targeted keywords’ position movement during the time. This will help you understand how good or bad your keyword performs and what you can do better with this keyword.

What is a Rank Tracker API?

The main goal of rank tracker APIs is to give consumers access to crucial website improvements and SEO aspects. Developers can obtain source code blocks that let them include crucial rank-tracking functionality in their apps by using a Google rank tracker API. In the end, rank tracker APIs are a useful tool that guarantees marketing and web development teams to create a quick-access dashboard of beneficial SEO data.

What are the Best Rank Tracking APIs?

As a market professional, you might wonder which keyword rank trackers have rank tracking APIs. We have listed some market-leading rank trackers with API functionality and other exciting SEO benefits that you must find useful for monitoring, handling, and optimizing your SEO campaign.

Here are our picks for the best rank trackers with APIs:

1. SERanking

SERanking is an advanced and cool rank-tracking tool for SEO professionals and agencies. The interface is super simple but contains various powerful SEO optimization insights. It is a cost-effective, comprehensive SEO tool with a ranking-tracking API.


  • A professional, accurate data-providing rank tracker that provides keywords with their movements.
  • Track and record competitors’ data for competitive research.
  • Engaging, customizable, and easy-to-understand reporting dashboard.
  • Available at an affordable price point with advanced features such as white labeling and social media management.


  • The first plan, ‘essential,’ costs $31.30 monthly.
  • The other plan is perfect for businesses and includes access to their rank tracker API. This plan costs $151.20 per month.

2. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is an ultimate SEO professional SERP rank tracking API and analytics platform. They have superior analytical features to look at competitors’ websites and use the insights.

They have an advanced SEO keyword rank tracker API and database. They have over 1 billion search phrases in their keyword discovery database, which helps give their users a 360-degree insight.

Best for advanced users who wants precise data with intuitive formatting and data integration features.


  • Accuranker claimed to be one of the fastest SERP checkers and trackers.
  • It is intuitive for beginners to navigate.
  • Their insight data can be easily accessible without any limitations.


  • AccuRanker offers a subscription plan with an allowance of 1000 keywords for $129.00 monthly.
  • The good news is they have flexible pricing for increased keyword needs, so you can always upgrade to a plan that meets your needs.

3. SEObility

SEObility Rank Tracker API

SEObility is surprising in its ability to uncover actionable topics on a website over time, such as performance concerns, site structure difficulties, and individual page content issues. All while providing simple updates on where the website pages now rank in search engine results.

SEObility distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing a free tool for beginners to scale. This all-in-one application is simple to use, and the dashboard shows you what needs to be repaired on your site.


  • Free weekly and monthly website scan and audit features.
  • Real-time keyword ranking API for both mobile and desktop users.
  • In-depth backlink analysis and tailored link-building suggestions
  • A very efficient website performance audit report will be sent to your email.


  • They have a free beginner subscription that’s perfect for getting started.
  • They offer a monthly premium subscription plan for $50.00 if you require more advanced features.
  • They also offer an agency option for those needing even more extensive features for $200.00 monthly.

4. Authority Labs Rank Tracking API

AuthorityLabs Rank Tracker API

Authority Labs rank tracker is an accurate and reliable SEO performance monitoring tool that many industry professionals have praised. It is an excellent solution for low-budget and simple rank-tracking features. With this rank tracker API, you may automate keyword monitoring, collect daily statistics, and explore location-specific findings.

 Many SEOs find it useful for features such as mobile rank tracking and local keyword rankings. Besides, Authority Labs offers global rank tracking, which works with domains from any nation and in any language recognized by the top search engines.


  • Daily rank-checking functionality with their API.
  • Device-specific data from mobile users.
  • Specific rank tracking search results with city, state, and postcodes.
  • Rank tracking on a cross-platform and a cross-geographical basis.


  • The beginner subscription plan is perfect for getting started and is priced at $49.00 monthly.
  • For larger businesses and enterprises that require more customized features and access to interface API, the enterprise subscription plan is priced at $450.00 per month.

5. GeoRanker Rank Tracker API

GeoRanker Rank Tracking API

GeoRanker is best for medium brands that want to track SERP rankings, both local and global. GeoRanker provides custom crawling and scraping features for paid and organic SERP keyword data. They have a vast intelligent database of SEO research data and keyword insights.

They have built their data-driven SEO solution with GeoRanker RESTful APIs, which are robust and accurate. They offer multi-search engines and platforms SERP data with desktop and mobile search engine queries.


  • Google, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, YouTube rank-checking feature
  • Accurate SEO data by high volume API number
  • Track keywords for various other search engines and integrate them into your platforms
  • Supports capturing local and global keyword ranking API data
  • Supports real-time SERP data


  • Free 14 days trial.
  • $99 per month pro subscription plan for tracking 100 keywords.
  • $249 per month agency subscription plan for tracking 500 keywords.
  • $490 per month enterprise subscription plan for tracking 1500 keywords.

6. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an enterprise-level SEO rank tracker with API that can track search results from anywhere on the planet. It’s best suited for beginner to enterprise-level experts who want an intuitive and minimalist interface. It is also an all-in-one SEO ranking tracking, SEO monitoring, website auditing, and reporting tool.

Nightwatch is praised for its zip code level rank tracking capability. You can monitor your important keywords in 107,296 areas worldwide, including the map pack.


  • Claimed to be the most accurate rank tracker.
  • Track the position of keywords from the zip code.
  • Precise and accurate data.
  • Track keywords from 107,296 locations worldwide.


  • A starter subscription is $32 per month.
  • API access plan is $79 per month.

7. SheerSEO

SheerSEO is a cost-effective, simple, and powerful all-in-one SEO tool. It is a multi-featured SEO tool for tracking local business-focused keywords. This SEO software can easily automate SEO activities like website auditing, rank tracking, and link-building.

SheerSEO reached 50K users quickly because of its affordable pricing and accurate and reliable data.


  • Free plan to try out with limited features
  • Manage all SEO activities in one place.
  • Robust keyword database of 1 billion keywords
  • Checks the rank for the first 200 result pages.
  • Localized keyword rank tracking feature.
  • White-label reporting


  • $10 per month for a standard subscription with basic rank tracking for 200 keywords
  • $15 per month for an advanced subscription with advanced rank tracking for 400 keywords
  • $25 per month for the Professional Thin subscription with access to all features and rank tracking for 100 keywords
  • $40 per month for the Professional subscription with access to all features and rank tracking for 400 keywords


SERPWoo is dedicated to helping agencies achieve their SEO goals with its diverse all-in-one SEO tools. They have a minimalist reporting interface with keyword research, monitoring, and on-page analysis features. SERPWoo is broadly renowned for its brand mention tracking feature from Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit. It is best for marketers and agencies who want to analyze competitors’ keywords and reverse engineer them.


  • Build-in keyword research, monitoring, and on-page checker.
  • Sample code and API can be found in 11 languages for coding, making them perfect for developers.
  • Powerful brand mention (online reputation tracking) tracking feature.
  • Daily rank-checking feature with an accurate position report.
  • Data from the REST API can be imported into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.
  • Ability to schedule white-label reports


  • Bronze subscription for $49.95 (750 Keywords)
  • Silver subscription for $99.95 (2000 Keywords)
  • Gold subscription for $199.95 (4000 Keywords)
  • Platinum subscription for $299.95 (8000 Keywords)

9. RankRanger

RankRanger is a marketing professional’s favorite all-in-one SEO software that can drive organic growth to your projects with its unique data insights. It’s a SimilarWeb-owned company with an unparalleled progress monitoring feature. You can check your website’s AMP scoring and monitor your keyword’s mobile rank in multiple countries. RankRanger is a standard low-maintenance rank-tracking tool for businesses that have just started their SEO campaign and need fewer keyword data.

You can also track multiple and specific locations through keyword tracking API, even for local packs and finders. You can also access the powerful competitor analysis report that’ll help boost your website’s overall SEO impact.


  • Trusted SimilarWeb company-owner tool.
  • Specific data-grabbing facility to minimize API cost.
  • Exclusive customizable report-making flexibility with layout changing facility.
  • Blend third-party data with your rank, visibility, and traffic.
  • Access to internal data to generate compelling insights for a larger audience.
  • The active development team listens to the user’s opinion and takes action.


  • The Lite Plan is $79 each month.
  • The Pro Plan is $699 per month. (With API)

10. DataForSEO Rank Tracker API

DataForSEO is an advanced real-time SERP data tracking tool for medium-range SEOs and agencies. They have a data-driven powerful API stack and provide free trial and SEO tools collection in one place. They have a range of APIs such as SERP API, Google Trend API, Domain Analytics API, DataForSEO Labs API, etc. They have an amazing customer tech support team to support their customers quickly.


  • Area-specific SERP results for keywords position.
  • Simple and less messy pricing with the pay-per-use pricing model.
  • Real-time results with SERP API live mode.
  • Enterprise-level high-speed API for data retrieval.
  • 99.99% uptime and availability.
  • Pay only for specific services.


This is a keyword rank checker API with a pay-per-product pricing system.

11. Authoritas Rank Tracking API

Authoritas is a specialized SEO software that is perfect for eCommerce-business-specific growth modules. This rank tracker is an excellent choice for organizations that need to monitor several sites’ performance because it also comes with pre-built filters to assess keyword performance.

They offer all-in-one eCommerce-specific SEO data tracking and tools with accurate SEO rank tracking data since 2009. With Authoritas, you can track keywords daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed.


  • All-in-one eCommerce-focused SEO performance and growth-building tool.
  • Website crawling feature with API rank tracking and backlink reporting.
  • Google data studio live SEO report.
  • APIs for competitive eCommerce site optimization by SEO teams.


  • The Starter package is £99 each month with 15k keyword credits.
  • The Team package with API is £299 per month with 50k keyword credits.
  • The Enterprise package is a custom package with unlimited keywords.

12. Semrush position tracking API

Semrush is very popular among SEO professionals for its in-depth SEO audit feature. Their SEO audit feature evaluates your website’s overall on-page, off-page, and technical SEO and ranks keywords with their position. The best part of their rank tracker is it’s free for a limited number of keywords, so anyone can use Semrush website audit and get insights and SEO errors about their website.

They also have very nice keyword-ranking email alerts that you can find very useful. You can get weekly and monthly rank-tracking emails for free.

Semrush is best for marketers and small businesses who want an all-in-one SEO solution for their SEO campaigns.


  • Provide accurate data with their API feature.
  • Real-time Position Tracking
  • Fast and relevant data capture.
  • Easy to use keyword performance report.
  • Location-based keyword rank tracking.
  • Daily updates of rankings.
  • Customized reports and alerts.
  • Support for multiple locations and devices.
  • Option for white-label reporting.
  • User-friendly interface integration with Google Analytics.
  • Historical data on keyword performance.
  • Ability to track unlimited keywords and multiple search engines.
  • Competitor analysis and comparison of rankings.


  • The first plan starts at $119.95 monthly and is perfect for starters.
  • The second plan has more advanced features and is priced at $229.95 monthly.
  • The third is a premium subscription plan that includes their API and is priced at $449.95 monthly.


SEO is an effective way to drive organic traffic to businesses. Most professionals use various optimization techniques to track website ranking.

However, tracking keywords manually is time-consuming, and the advancement of keyword position monitoring tools with APIs has made it easier. Our mentioned top APIs provide developers access to essential rank-tracking functions to automate keyword position monitoring and create a dashboard of SEO data.

SEMRush, SERanking, SEObility, and AccuRanker are some of the best keyword rank API trackers that provide real-time tracking, accurate data capture, customized reports, and competitor analysis. To measure SEO performance, consider using any of these Rank Tracker tools with these APIs to understand your keywords’ position in SERPs and stay on top of the competition.

These tools are suitable for beginners and advanced users and offer pricing plans depending on the user’s needs.

Overall, a Rank Tracker API is a convenient way to monitor, handle, and optimize SEO campaigns.

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